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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Ingredients :

Besan flour  - 2 cups
green chilli  chopped - 3- 4  (Depends)
onion chopped   - 2  no's
baking soda  -  pinch
cumin - 1tsp

oil - for  deep  frying

Method :

Mix all the ingredients and then add  water to it and make as that of fine paste or as that of dosa batter , or if u want to have thick batter u can  do as u wish .

Heat the pan with oil for deep frying  , with a small spoon take the batter and put as small bondas , let them fry then take out from the oil and serve hot with onion - red chilli chutney or ketchup...

this is very easy and tasty and quickly prepared snack .... enjoy bondas...

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